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Get better results.
Build stronger belief in hypnosis.
Convert your clients into raving fans.
Give your clients a WOW experience as they experience profound deep trance phenomena... even with their eyes open!
This is a complete step-by step hypnotherapy training designed to give you the secrets of success in eliciting powerful hypnotic phenomenon with all of your clients. 
  • Easy-to-master strategies in a step-by-step formulaic systems.
  • Real world methods to apply these "magic moments" to motivate change.
  •  Powerful NLP and Covert Persuasion Strategies to ensure success.
Raving Fans of Hypnotic Phenomenon:

Derek Chapman | DC Mind Coach

"I found Jason's program to be a real game-changer in the way I work with my clients. It has given me the tools to help clients have a real experience of hypnosis. When they experience that change without the need for any scripts they will become your biggest fans! The best form of marketing is word of mouth, this just makes it a lot quicker! This online course is clear with easy to follow video instructions which can be replayed until you quickly master them. A great product, the real value is the confidence you get by implementing the strategies. Five stars!"
Derek Chapman

Rebecca Hooper, Ph.D. | Hypnotist

"Jason's "Phenomenon" program is a must for every hypnotist - the seasoned hypnotist seeking professional development, and the novice who is eager to learn from the best! Jason's enthusiasm clearly shows as he demonstrates each step thoroughly and shares his formula in an easy to follow process. I highly recommend this program!
Rebecca Hooper

Mark Kandel | Integrated Goals Hypnosis

"This training is a mini-masterclass in nuance, technique, calibration, etc. There is more here than just giving your clients an irrefutable experience that they've been hypnotized. Jason has jammed a massive amount of practical information, tips and insight into this training. Before writing this, I re-watched the videos because it had been a while since I last viewed it. I was surprised by how much of the material made its way into my sessions. I was more surprised at finding new tidbits that I missed in previous viewings. GET THIS. STUDY THIS. USE THIS. Then watch it again. Over and over. Your clients will thank you."
Mark Kandel

Susan Holman | Susan.Coach

"Jason’s “Hypnotize with Conviction” helps you to understand the subtleties of communicating effectively with your clients. You will learn how to connect effective rapport building strategies with an ease of delivery of the mechanics of the hypnotic process. I highly recommend it."
Susan Holman
Eradicate the "I felt relaxed, but I don't know if I was hypnotized" virus from your hypnosis! 
100% Money Back Guarantee


I know this information has the capability to change your life and improve the lives of anyone with whom you interact. It’s changed mine. 

That’s why I offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may cancel for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. 
More PHENOMEONAL Feedback!

Dr. Gideon Orbach | Chiropractor

"'Hypnotize with Conviction' further entrenches Jason Linett’s position as a leading instructor and authority in the field. This program is yet another example of a high quality, user friendly, actionable product taught in way that indicates that Jason wants his students to “get it,” and to be successful. In these uncertain, anxiety provoking times, it is critically important to learn and acquire new skills to both earn extra income, and to be an asset to your community. This program further solidifies Jason’s Rockstar status as this program is easy to make actionable and gives the practitioner more tools for their kit."
Gideon Orbach

Deborah McKenna | LCPC

"I have to say the 'Hypnotize with Conviction' program has been a game changer for me. I had many trainings involving usage of deepeners, inductions and different approaches over the years but Jason's program brought all of it together. For the first time in 25 years, I'm working without a script. I highly recommend this program to all levels of experience."
Deborah McKenna

Andrew Waldowski | Vibrational Hypnosis

"I have been using these Phenomenon Methods in my practice since I started my practice after training with Jason. The course outlined in such a clear defined way I found it very helpful. It's like there are checkpoints all along the way of this process that help to build the most amazing rapport with your client while their eyes open to help facilitate the deeper levels later on. The times I have seriously folded this process into my sessions, I achieve incredible feedback!!!!""
Andrew Waldowski

James Hazlerig | Harmony Hypnosis

"Though I already was an experienced hypnosis practitioner, I learned some wonderful nuance from studying Jason Linett's 'Hypnotize with Conviction.' He lays out his material in a straightforward, no-nonsense way that can benefit anyone from a complete beginner to a seasoned professional. His teaching is 100% fluff-free, solid from beginning to end with useful, actionable tools to make you a better hypnotist."
James Hazlerig
Powerful Hypnotic Phenomenon...
In-Person or Online!
P.S: Don't let the dirt-cheap price fool you. This is a complete training system complete with high-definition videos, complete download access, and every word of it has been transcribed for you to my model this method's success. 

I recently polled my past students, and this technique was one of the systems they raved about. Too many practitioners in our first are struggling right now, and there are millions of people around the world who could benefit from our services

Get it now while I'm willing to give it away for such a low price.