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If you are ready to eliminate the overwhelm, anxiety, and frustration of running your hypnosis business, please watch this video now:

Live, Interactive, and Hands-On.

Monday, August 1, 2022
9am to 5pm
HypnoThoughts LIVE Conference
Orleans Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV

A Preview of What You Will Learn:

  • The #1 mistake people make in copywriting... and why it almost always results in zero sales.
  • How to make your writing MAGNETIC so you attract the RIGHT clients.
  • ​The secrets of REPURPOSING so that you can recycle your best material.
  • ​GURU-level positioning so that your clients don't shop on price alone.
  • ​How to apply these methods to websites, videos, social media, emails, and more.
  • ​The little-known secret of TEACHING so that people still have a reason to buy from you.
  • ​SIMPLE formulas you can duplicate time and time again.
  • ​ETHICAL "dirty-rotten-tricks" to move from written word to VIDEO or AUDIO channels.
  • ​How to BITCH-SLAP "Imposter Syndrome" and "Writer's Block."
  • ​The magic of BULLET POINTS... and why short-form writing wins attention.
  • ​A step-by-step market EXPANSION strategy so you don't burn out.
  • ​The secret of "offer timing" so you don't piss off your prospects.
  • ​The magic of a "QUICK WIN" focus so that people bond their emotions to you.
  • ​How to NEVER run out of ideas of what to share with your audience.
  • ​The #1 secret to having your audience come back to you for MORE.
  • ​How to make the writing process FUN so that you have a CONTINUOUS flow of new clients.
  • ​An uncensored tour of the exact methods that have sold $5-MILLION-PLUS of hypnotic services.
  • ​How to AUTOMATE all this shizzle.
  • ​How to eventually PAY OTHERS to do this shizzle.
  • ​...and EVEN MORE shizzle you'll love. Fo' rizzle. 

Meet Jason Linett

Jason Linett is a Hypnotic Influence Expert who helps entrepreneurs and business owners to close more premium sales.

As a Certified Professional Hypnotist, Jason has dedicated nearly two decades to helping his clients harness the science of positive persuasion strategies to quickly and easily rewrite negative thought patterns. He reveals the secrets of hypnotic communication and shares specific “Business Influence Systems” to supercharge business growth.

He was awarded as the “Hypnotist of the Year’ by the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference. He has previously delivered inspirational hypnotic keynotes at HypnoThoughts LIVE, the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference, the Canadian Hypnosis Conference, and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

This isn't about tricking or manipulating people... It's about helping your prospects to ETHICALLY SELL THEMSELVES into your products or services.
For more than a dozen years, Jason was the director of Virginia Hypnosis, an internationally-known hypnosis practice that saw several thousand private clients. In 2021, he closed the doors at the peak of the business' success to move his business and family south to Orlando, Florida. 

He now sees his clients 100% online in a premium "concierge-level" service.

Jason's top-rated podcast, WORK SMART HYPNOSIS, has been downloaded more than a million times worldwide in more than 80 countries. 

His HYPNOTIC LANGUAGE HACKS podcast has been featured on some of the top business programs worldwide. 

His TEDx talk, “Rethinking Rapport” is available on YouTube. He is the best-selling author Work Smart Business, a 5-star rated book on Amazon’s Top 1,000 Neuro-Linguistic Programming list.

While it’s great to operate a million-dollar brand, Jason is most proud to do so while being at home each night with his wife and children.

Check out these Nice Things that People You May Know have Said about Jason:

More of What People Are Saying:

Meredith McDonough | The Call Within

"As a result, my ROI has improved drastically. Going from 1- 2 clients calling a month and usually not choosing me, to 10-15 calls a month and closing every single one."
Meredith McDonough

Richard Nongard | Subliminal Science | Founder of the ICBCH

"Jason is the hottest ticket in town for learning how to build a businessIn fact, he is MY go-to-guy for business questions in 2022."
Richard Nongard

Seth-Deborah Roth | Hypnotherapy for Health

"His way of presenting, the content of the course, and the dedication to helping you help your business is full of important information and integrity."
Seth-Deborah Roth

Bro - Do You Even FAQ?

(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is HypnoThoughts LIVE?

HTLIVE is the largest hypnosis conference in the world. This year is the tenth anniversary event. Traditionally, around a thousand practitioners from around the world attend each year. Get the full details at https://new.htlive.net/

Do I need to attend the conference to attend your class?

No... thought we absolutely recommend you attend. Discover more flexibility in your skills helping others and network with professionals from around the world. Plus... upon registering for the CONTENT IS KING event, you will get secret access to a private link which will allow you to register for the conference for only $333 - a savings of more than $200 from the at-the-door fee. 

Where should I sleep?

The HTLIVE conference and class are happening at The Orleans Hotel & Casino on 4500 West Tropicana Avenue in Las Vegas. Rooms are just $45/night for weekdays and $100/night for weekends if you use our special code. Visit https://www.OrleansCasino.com/groups/ and use group code HYPNO22. This code is only good until about a month before the conference, so please book your room now!


Are you going to live-stream this event online?

No. The strength of this event will be the hands-on, interactive nature of the training. We all will be writing and creating in real-time, and -- because small changes can create big impacts -- you will want to be in the room as it happens.

Can I buy a recording of this event?

For the benefit of the attendees, we will be audio recording the event for your private review after the class. A computer time-stamped transcription will also be made available. This will be exclusively available only to those who register now.

Jason has a lot of online programs. Is this in any of them?

No. Once again, the unique nature of this event is the one-to-one interaction and custom feedback mechanisms. For those that are members of the programs Hypnotic Business Systems -or- INFLUENCE: Premium Sales for Coaches & Course-Creators, "your lunch is on me." No promo code is necessary - a one-time $25 refund will be credited back to you once you are paid-in-full for this event. If you are not yet a member of either (or both) of these programs, a private discounted invitation to join will be shared with you as a bonus.


I'm a brand new hypnotist... is this for me?

Yes! This will be the training event that I wish I had when I got started. The good news is that you likely don't have any "bad habits" we're going to have to overcome. The mistake of the new business owner is "shiny object syndrome," where you're drawn to so many avenues to attract clients -- and you spread yourself so thin that NOTHING works. Instead -- discover how JUST A FEW core hypnotic writing principles can be duplicated time-and-time again covertly so that your marketing message always looks new and unique.

Do I have to be a hypnotist for this to work for me?

No. The focus of my business has become teaching "The Secrets of Hypnotic Influence for Business... So that Your Ideal Clients WANT MORE FROM YOU... Even BEFORE You Make an Offer." I have students worldwide that include massage therapists, personal trainers, financial advisors, insurance salespeople, CEOs, lawyers, and more. All are welcome to attend, though be ready for many of the examples to be hypnotherapy-related given the location of the event.

I have a question about this event. How can I ask?

Do you offer hypnosis training?

Yes. Jason Linett and Richard Nongard are teaming up together prior to the HTLIVE conference to offer an ICBCH hypnosis training & certification event. It's happening Monday, July 25 to Thursday, July 28. Get the full details at https://VegasHypnosisTraining.com/. If you're interested in attend BOTH of these pre- and post- events, please send an email to Jason@WorkSmartHypnosis.com for a private combo opportunity.

How do I sign up?

Wow, your timing is impeccable. Check this out:


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